Jan 9, 2017

The Bill Press Radio Show: Trump Tweets--Are They News

Should the news outlets be reporting on Donald Trump's Tweets as if they are  breaking news.


This is not news....Folks, this is why we have a carnival barker as president.

This was part of the discussion on the Bill Press Radio Show today.  Are the donald's tweets newsworthy and should they be talking about them the whole time.

Peter Ogburn made the notable point that fiance is involved and this may not stop as long as the networks are making money over this kind of information.

Readers, it is often said that Colonel Tom Parker, the manager of Elvis Presley, who was indeed a carnival barker had the ability to meet someone, a customer, and immediately know what to say in order to sway their opinion favorable to his goal.

This is who our president is--a huckster, a carnival barker, a media genius.  This individual managed to play the media, my beloved CNN to a degree that he ended up controlling everything.
Ronnie has always loved Wolf Blitzer

Let me give an example..........

Always watching the news with the run up to the election and the Belgian Airport crisis happened.  Unfortunately for the listeners and those wanting information this happened at exactly the same time donald and Ted Cruz were in a Twitter war exchanging insults about the "look" of their wives.

CNN had a panel about the elections, it may have been the night of a primary.......

They must have spent at least 30 seconds talking about the Belgian catastrophe, but no, they immediately went back to talking about the tweets of the waring candidates and their wives.

It was annoying and unfair to the watcher.  This was not news by any means but CNN promoted it big time.

Historian Douglas Brinkley commented later.........Hillary Clinton and John Kasich were the only two of the giant group running that made statements that were reassuring to the American public and sounded presidential and had a plan about what to do.

CNN and all of the other news groups made an error and the public is paying for it.  They fore sake actual pertinent information for ratings.

The networks dished the donald up for us but the consumers will be the ones to pay for it.

Shall we start with health care.....Planned Parenthood.

What is news--let the networks take a look now and reevaluate their coverage.

Good Show Bill Press--well done.

Dec 30, 2016

A Good Veterans Story in San Diego

A Good Veterans Story

Always hearing about another crisis at the Veteran's Administration regarding health care one feels compelled to share a very good story about a Veteran and excellent health care.

And that would be my mother.......

Yes, it is true and not to be dismissive of issues other Veterans have had about life and health but our situation is really something to write about.

My mother is only 100.

Apparently the best thing she ever did was to join the Navy in 1943 and serve as a secretary at Pearl Harbor as the war ended.

She loves to tell the story that her boss came along and said get all of the papers in order as the war has ended.

She only served for two years but her benefits have been magnificent.

We got together about two years ago as her health was diminishing as far as living alone and needed just a touch of assistance.

She knew of her benefits but really had not investigated them at all and I had heard of the financial benefit and was hoping that would apply to us as we needed a few dollars more each month in order to make ends meet as we began combining our households.

She already had health care with medicare but we signed up in the Mission Valley office of San Diego thinking there may be opportunities for her we just were not aware of such as senior activities.

I must mention her primary care physician Dr. Jagasia as she and her staff, Marlee, her nurse have gone out of their way to help us.

My mother kept falling yet she was alert and still needed something to do and keep her mind operating at a fast pace.

We found out about the Glenner Day care facility through our PACT social worker Raquel Alva.

It was wonderful for my mother to go there three times a week.  My mother had friends there, yes the staff, and she looked forward to her days there and wanted to get there early.  They sing all of the old songs she knows and celebrated her birthday and had a Veterans pinning ceremony.

These things are so important as most of the folks and family she once had are gone.  I really appreciated their services--they cared about my mother and also it was expensive.  This was paid for by the VA.

We also had Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapists that came to our house on a regular basis to assist with mobility after her fall and to assist with nutrition.

We also had a nurse that came to our house two hours a day three times a week for respite care.  This was also paid for by the VA.

I did apply for the financial benefit which we did end up receiving but this did take time and require a lot of paperwork.  This part was a tad confusing but I just kept up with it as I thought we did qualify from my research.

The money each month was a giant help.  Thank you to the VA for giving us money.

As my mother's health required more assistance--oh, she broke her other leg at 99--we applied for the Veterans' Home of California at Chula Vista.  This is an extensive application but Shannon at the VA home and Gwen were very helpful in guiding me in completion of the paperwork and getting it all together and telling me exactly what we needed.

Now, my mother is in the VA home in Chula Vista and the care she receives there is excellent--they go out of their way to take good care of her.

I like it because it is in a beautiful setting and they are very welcoming and friendly and the lunch is only four dollars.  We can eat lunch together on a regular basis.

It would be nice if everyone could see how lovely this skilled nursing facility is and how lucky my mother is to be there.

Please keep in mind that coincidentally we live near all of these facilities and as a lady my mother's waiting time to get in the Veteran's home is much shorter than most men.

The price is very affordable comparatively to other nursing homes and the care is the best.

Just wanted to let you know what the VA has done for us and again not trying ton make light of any negative effects other patients have experienced.

Also, when I was trying to get my mother back into the Glenner and the VA home after she broke her leg Dr Jagasia even went out of her way to help us and called me at home on more than one occasion to get info to complete a form to expedite her acceptance.

Just wanted to share this very good story of the Veterans Administration and the care they provide.  Always hearing the negative on the television maybe someone would like to hear our experience.

Dec 26, 2016

I Love Hillary

Yes, it's true.

I love Hillary Clinton and I have been waiting for her forever.

So sad after the election that I have just now started watching the news and that would usually be PBS or listening to a progressive radio station.

She is a strong lady and our nation is also strong and we will all survive in spite of the outcome but a setback may be in store for the Supreme Court and Planned Parenthood.  Those are deal breakers for this Hillary girl.

She sent this beautiful letter and I wanted to share it with everyone:

Chloe --

Before this year ends, I want to thank you again for your support of our campaign. While we didn't achieve the outcome we sought, I'm proud of the vision and values we fought for and the nearly 66 million people who voted for them.

I believe it is our responsibility to keep doing our part to build a better, stronger, and fairer future for our country and the world.

The holidays are a time to be thankful for our blessings. So let us rejoice in this season and look forward with renewed hope and determination.

I wish you and your family health, happiness, and continued strength for the New Year and the work ahead.

I look forward to staying in touch in 2017. Onward!

With deep appreciation and warm wishes, I am,



Chloelouise--Hillary girl forever

Dec 12, 2016

Larry Hancock from SWHT Talks Jack Ruby and Who Remains Important in The JFK Mystery

Finally got to meet my hero Larry Hancock this year at the 2016 November in Dallas Lancer JFK Conference.

I always like Larry because he is someone I can understand and he takes time to explain things.  

One of Larry's best things is that he is able to tell me why one story is important and one may seem important at first but as time goes on the story may become embellished with items other than facts, even though it remains a good story and interesting conversation.

To me just as a regular person that has followed this JFK thing forever and feel it is still the most interesting and important story of the day his words are very appreciated.

Also, Larry is very kind in responding to the regular persons questions.

Listen to Larry on his radio interviews and hear what he has to say about Madeline Brown and James Files.  It is important because their stories make sense and it is easy to grab on to their words.  One can remember those stories when some other important research details fade over time when they are not latched on to the human touch.

Larry told me in the long run these two stories just do not hold up because the facts are plainly not there to support them.

Thanks, Larry, for giving us a heads up in what to pay attention to in this whole confusing JFK thing.

Check out Larry Hancock's website and see the comments on this story:

Everyone interested in JFK should think about attending the Lancer November in Dallas Conference.

Seriously, I could have spent all day listening to the experts and researchers takes us on a tour of Dealey Plaza.

Thanks, for all of your hard work, Larry, in putting on this informative conference and telling us about your important information on JFK.

New post on Larry Hancock

The Risks of Knowing Jack

by Larry Hancock

These days ongoing discussions of the JFK assassination tend to focus on either events along Elm Street on that day in Dallas or upon the activities and background of Lee Oswald. It’s even possible to miss the fact that in the earliest days, a great deal of investigative effort was initially focused on Jack Ruby – not simply as Oswald’s killer but as a potential window into the conspiracy which killed President Kennedy. During the months following the murder a number of leads surfaced which suggested that Ruby had prior knowledge of the attack, that his elimination of Oswald was something forced on him by his involvement and that phone calls and visits connecting him to Los Angeles and Los Vegas deserved intense scrutiny.

And while the rumors of mysterious deaths related to the Kennedy assassination are often no more than gossip or coincidence, there is no doubt that the investigators and reporters who became too interested in Ruby, especially those who became devoted to ferreting out his true connections, appear to have been uniquely at risk. Most people would be surprised to realize that the Warren Commission itself fielded only two field investigators reporting directly to it. They might be even more surprised to know that both were dismissed for being overzealous in pursuing connections related to Jack Ruby.

But there were much greater risks than losing a job, especially for those who knew Jack and had heard certain passing remarks before the assassination – remarks which suddenly had a new and sinister meaning as of the afternoon of November 22, 1963.  Several individuals may well have lost their lives over just that – ranging from women who worked for him at the Carousel Club (although some of those fled for their lives within days and stayed successfully out of sight for years and even decades), to both local and national reporters who decided to dig deeply into his connections.

There certainly were people who heard Ruby gossiping before the assassination – about something explosive happening in Dallas during the President’s visit. In some instances they managed to stay out of the limelight, one instance of that can be found in an IRS informant close to Ruby who reported being invited downtown by Jack, to watch the “fireworks” during the motorcade. In some cases those individuals became too visible and died under mysterious circumstances – one young woman recorded as having hung herself in a holding cell in Dallas, a young Dallas vice beat reporter on a personal crusade found dead after being attacked in his apartment, a woman who had warned individuals of the Dallas attack later run over and left by the side of a road in Louisiana and finally nationally known investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen – who had declared she would run the conspiracy to the ground after haven spoken to Ruby during his trial in Dallas.

I write about most of these individuals in detail in Someone Would Have Talked, presenting the case that Ruby’s connections led back to the west coast and to Johnny Roselli, who arranged for Ruby’s legal defense with a phone call to Melvin Belli’s law partner the weekend after the assassination. The Ruby story is a key one, too often ignored these days. However at last month’s Dallas conference, two speakers presented on their new books – one (Fallen Petals, by her son) dealing with the life of Rose Cherami and the second (The Reporter That Knew Too Much by Mark Shaw) exploring Kilgallen’s initial investigation and why it turned fatal for her.

If you are interested in the Kennedy assassination and have not explored Jack Ruby in depth, you are missing a key lead.  It was a lead that the Dallas Police and the Warren Commission chose to avoid but one which was significant enough to get a number of people killed – digging into Jack Ruby was risky business, suggesting that Jack represented a real threat in terms of exposing the conspiracy.