Nov 21, 2017

Dr. T. M. Laidley

Is Israel Destroying Palestine: J Street on @TheRonnieRe

West Bank Barrier (Separating Wall)
West Bank Barrier (Separating Wall) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Map showing the West Bank and Gaza Strip in re...
Map showing the West Bank and Gaza Strip in relation to central Israel (situation of 2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This week, while so many of us head home to be with our families for Thanksgiving, the residents of the Palestinian village of Jabal al Baba are wondering how long their homes can remain standing.
Last Thursday, the West Bank Bedouin community received evacuation notices from Israeli authorities, ordering them to leave the village within the next eight days, after which their homes would be demolished.
Jabal al Baba, located in the important E-1 area between Jerusalem and the major settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, is just one of many communities throughout the West Bank facing this type of threat. The development of E-1 has been a major goal of the settlement movement, which seeks to pave the way for eventual Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank, and with it to undermine the prospects for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.
J Street U is leading our new Stop Demolitions, Build Peace campaign to defend the two-state solution and stand with the Palestinians at risk of losing their homes and communities. By opposing these demolitions, we also stand for Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people.
Each of our regions around the country has partnered with a particular village under threat. For myself and my fellow students in the Northwest, our partner community is Jabal al Baba.
As many of us prepare to leave campus for the holiday, we’re thinking about how the shelter and safety of home must be a fundamental right, not a privilege -- a right that Palestinians in the West Bank share.
To help Jabal al Baba and other villages like them protect their homes, we’re raising funds to help the residents battle for their rights in court. We’ll contribute every cent you give to one of the incredible organizations leading the legal defense against these evacuations and demolitions.
Whatever happens in Jabal al Baba over the next week, its residents will continue to face a struggle to defend their rights and preserve their homes.
With these contributions, we can send a clear message that as pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans, we know that standing with these communities and defending the two-state solution is the right thing to do -- and vital for the future of Israelis and Palestinians alike.
This Thanksgiving, let’s show that we’re truly thankful for the comforts of home and community -- by standing with those for whom those comforts are regularly at risk.
Eva Borgwardt
J Street U Vice President for the Northwest Region

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Arab Film Festival in San Diego--had a chance to see the movie 1948  Creation and Catastrophe.  It is not only an interesting documentary but it is also easier to understand when it comes to the issues facing Israel and Palestine and the tensions today than most historical films.  

Nov 20, 2017

Ban Elephant Ivory and Tusks from Being Imported Into the United States

Frank Rich talks a Wake Up Call for Liberals on The Joan Hamburg Show

Always listening to the radio on The ronnie Republic Radio round-Up.......

Seriously, Joan Hamburg always gives one the idea they need to visit new York immediately for the food lovers, show goers and just plain having a good time.

After listening to Joan talk with Joanne Oppenheim about her new book The Knish War on Rivington Street I felt like I had to run right over to DZ Akins Deli and enjoy their specialties.....I love this food.  This is really one of the besst restaurants in San Diego.

Frank Rich talked with Joan about his wake up call for liberals--it was an impressive conversation about the perils of donald trump.

If you enjoy cooking Sam Sifton always has holiday tips for getting through Thanksgiving in an easier way and Joan's Ritz Cracker stuffing is lovely--it is not difficult to follow the recipe and it is a dish one can count on for flavor and being holiday-ish--it is dependable.

The NYT is one of the best organized cooking sites out there and it is not confusing.  It is a good go-to for basics.

Thanks, Joan, love your show--planning my trip to DZ Akins and New York.

A holiday tip from the cat hair cook......

Tyler Florence Holiday Feast--delicious and do-able--If I can cook it anyone can.


Joan Hamburg

Saturday 1 – 3 PM
Hamburg is a familiar and award-winning voice in New York radio, best known for her years spent as host of “The Joan Hamburg Show” which was widely considered to be “The Today Show” of radio. At 77 WABC, Hamburg will continue discussing the most important social, economic and political issues that impact listeners’ lives each week. Hamburg will also interview major celebrities and powerful political figures on the program. Hamburg will also produce weekly features and exclusive programs available in digital formats. In addition, shows pre-empted by play by play will be presented on the 77 WABC stream and within other 77 WABC digital products, a first for the Joan Hamburg Show.
“How excited I am to join legendary WABC radio and work with Kim Bryant, Craig Schwalb and the rest of the Cumulus family. And what a treat to join their roster of the best talk talent in the country. New York get ready — the conversation is about to begin,” Hamburg said.
“Adding Joan to our roster of talent is a no brainer. New York expects to hear big personalities on 77 WABC and they don’t get much bigger than Joan Hamburg,” said Craig Schwalb, Program Director at 77 WABC.
Known as New York’s “First Lady of Radio,” Hamburg was inducted into the New York State Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 2012 and has been named “New Yorker of the Year” by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce due to her dedication in improving the quality of lives for those throughout the New York metropolitan area. In addition to numerous other awards, Hamburg is an accomplished author and columnist.

Nov 19, 2017

Rebecca's Coffehouse in South Park San Diego: Is this the long goodbye.......

Rebecca's Coffeehouse, corner of Juniper and Fern streets
  • Rebecca's Coffeehouse, corner of Juniper and Fern streets
  • Google Maps image
Rebecca's Coffeehouse is being ousted. The South Park staple has been on the corner of Juniper and Fern streets for more than 20 years, offering up more than just a cup of joe — it has a long history of hosting open mics, jazz trios, and poetry readings.
Rebecca's has been a haven for musicians, artists, and poets.
I talked to the owner, Rebecca Zearing, on November 16, to ask how a "For Lease" sign ended up in her shop window.
"The owner, he gave [the building] to his son to run," said Zearing. "And his son, as he likes to tell you, is a Harvard MBA and went to USC, lives in Manhattan Beach."
Zearing said her landlord now wants $8700 a month. She said her previous rent was about half that.
"I talked to another woman," said Zearing. "She's a therapist. Same thing happened. Her life is now run by a 28-year-old kid."
Tony Franco, the realtor handling the lease listing, said, “I love Rebecca's. I loved open-mic nights. I played guitar myself. I think it's a cool spot."
Franco clarified that "The son is only helping his parents, he isn't taking over. The son is just helping to manage it now."
I asked Franco about the doubling of Zearing's rent to $8700.
"No. [The landlord] offered her the same space for a slight increase than what she had been paying. It was still well below the market rate and she never responded. So she was given notice to leave by the landlord."
Where did Zearing come up with the $8700 figure?
"She came up with that when we started marketing the property, once we couldn't strike a deal with her."
Franco said Zearing had been a month-to-month tenant for the past couple years before being asked to sign a new lease. Franco said after he was hired to lease the property, the property owner tried to work out something with Zearing because she was a longtime tenant. Franco said the property owner needed to raise the rent to keep up with the cost of living.
According to Franco, Zearing was given notice to vacate by sometime last week. As of November 16, she was still open for business when I called to interview her. Franco said the landlord is handing things over to his attorney to evict Zearing.
Since the listing went out, Franco said he has been getting calls non-stop from businesses wanting to lease the corner spot. He said he's been surprised at how many offers have been well above the market rate: no offers have been accepted yet and it's available for $9500 a month "or best offer."
I asked what kind of tenants are vying for the spot. Franco said they are all mom-and-pop shops. "No chains. No national name brands. South Park would kill me. Right, ‘Let's put in a Starbucks there.’ I'd be a dead man walking."
I wasn't able to touch base with Zearing again on November 16. I wanted to ask some follow-up questions based on my conversation with Franco.

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Honestly, most Starbuck's are really dreaming to be a place like Rebecca's.

Nov 8, 2017

Happy Birthday: Richard Byron Varley Senior Nov 8

Dapper in his straw hat as a young man in San Diego.......

He married the girl of his dreams, Miss Bessie Ida Arnim from Orange, Ca.

Bessie worked at the Boston Store in San Diego with her friend Hannah Varley.

Richard Varley and his brother Bill loved just spending time together.

Their father, Lazarus Varley was born in Burnley, England.

His mother was Mary Jane Byron.

Richard Varley lived in Fall River Mass when he was a child and then the family ended up moving to San Diego when he was a young man.

When Richard Byron Varley was a kid he used to make deliveries to Lizzie Borden.

He always loved dogs, particularly bull dogs.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful person/

Richard Varley and Bill Varley were one of the first people in San Diego to drive automobiles.