Aug 21, 2017

Getting into London from Heathrow: Really easy and inexpensive on The Heathrow Express--Ronnie's Travel Tips

Yes, London is my favorite city in the whole world.

My London Obsession--it is so beautiful and interesting and different--there is just so much to see--it is so historical--the flowers in Reagents Park are stunning.

The colors of the flowers in all of the parks are vibrant--very different from dry San Diego.

Always trying to visit and always on a budget the tube is a good way to get into the city from the airport and it is basically easy and it is a very good value.

Seriously, try the Heathrow Express..........

From British Airways Terminal--San Diego to London on British Airways--daily leaving around 8 PM daily.

If one will check out the Heathrow Express website before the trip--one month to two weeks in advance--the price of the ticket is greatly reduced.

Buy the ticket online and one has a bar code or print the paper receipt from the purchase.  Also an e-mail confirmation will be sent.

The thing is the Heathrow Express station is right there with giant signs to the elevators to the station right below the terminal.

The whole experience is new and streamlined, modern and beautiful.

Honestly it is quick and easy and who wants to spend time walking needlessly after a long flight.

It only takes about 15 minutes to get into the city and then an easy cab ride or tube ride to your hotel.

The ease of the trip is totally worth it and it is not that much more than the tube with the discount buying the ticket in advance.

Very easy, cheap, no walking with your suitcase and fast.......that's the Ronnie's London Travel Tip.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Here is a link to the website:

Aug 16, 2017

Love McLaughlin: Woof!

English: Woof.... Sculpture at the start of Fi...
English: Woof.... Sculpture at the start of Fitzwilliam Country Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One Year After Host’s Death, McLaughlin Group Returns

By Chris Ariens Comment
John McLaughlin died one year ago today.
To honor him, the former panelists of his eponymous political talk show regrouped. Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan played the role of moderator with longtime panelists Pat BuchananEleanor Clift, and Clarence Page along with Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer who ran for president last year.
The show produced one episode following McLaughlin’s death, but then ceased production.
The 27-minute episode of the reconstituted McLaughlin Group was published to YouTube at Noon today. It was produced on August 11, before the events of Charlottesville, so ISSUE 1 and ISSUE 2 are Russia and North Korea, respectively. Producers call it a Pilot, which is typically reserved for the first episode of a series. But it’s not know if there will be more.
Here’s the episode in full, ad-free. Tune in to the 6-minute mark for predictions on whether Trump will be president one year from now.

copied from tvnewser

Standing with Heather Heyer, CNN, Wolf Blitzer and his Grandparents

English: The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville,...
English: The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Honoring those of us that have passed and died for us, our freedom and our safety.

The Ronnie Republic would like to honor the ones that we love that have passed--they are still remembered, loved and respected.

Remembering Heather Heyer and the folks of Charlottesville that came out for peace for all of us.

Remembering the folks of the South that have passed due to hate.

Respecting the grandparents of Wolf Blitzer and thanking everyone that will tell the story of struggling under the rule of those that want to remove the rights of our fellow human beings.

Thanks, Wolf, for telling your story and to the parents of Heather Heyer for standing strong in the face of evil.

Aug 15, 2017

Carl Bernstein: Still kickin' it after 50 years

English: Aerial view of the White House in Was...
English: Aerial view of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Carl Bernstein at the 2007 Texas Book Festival...
Carl Bernstein at the 2007 Texas Book Festival, Austin, Texas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A privilege, indeed to hear their take on the daily indiscretions of our president from the esteemed reporter Carl Bernstein and White House adviser sought after by many former presidents, David Gergen.

Last evening on The Don Lemon Show of CNN Carl Bernstein said I have been a reporter for over 50 years and I have never seen anything like this or heard the talk around Washington questioning the ability of the pres to do his job as I am hearing now.

This is the real story and the major news outlets should be perusing it with vigor.  The chat around the city from other republican politicians and the security folks is about trump's ability to carry out the tasks of the office and what can be done about him.

One cannot help but wonder if we are in an emergency situation.

This blogger has often wondered what plans are in place in the event of a security situation involving trump.

For the safety of our country and the people that live here are plans being drawn up as we speak to protect us from the individual in charge.

One wonders what is really going on behind the scenes.

Thanks to Carl Bernstein, David Gergen, Jim Acosta, CNN and everyone out there that is actually bringing us the  news.

Thanks, Carl, for taking time to tell us your take on things and what we should be thinking about as a country.

Thanks for telling us the story.